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New Shipment of Native Wood Slabs

In addition to our vast inventory of imported and exotic wood slabs, Vantz Furniture offers a wide assortment of kiln-dried native species slabs available for wholesale, retail, or custom project purchase.


ash wood grain

Harvested in the Eastern United States, Ash slabs are distinguished by a straight-grain with a uniform, medium to coarse texture similar to Oak.  The wood’s light browns and creamy whites offer exceptional woodworking material that takes dye and stain well.  Historically, Ash has been known as the Oak impersonator.



basswood grain

Basswood, also known as Linden, offers a large and creamy white sapwood that merges into a warm heartwood featuring pale to reddish brown tones, sometimes with darker streaks. The wood has an indistinct grain that is straight and has a fine, uniform texture, which makes it ideal for machining or hand carving.  Basswood slabs take glues, sanding, and staining well, and the wood provides for excellent stability in finished woodworking products.



cherry wood grain

Native Cherry is harvested throughout the Midwest and Eastern United States.  Its heartwood is renowned for its rich red to reddish brown colors which mellow with age and light exposure into darker shades.  This straight-grained wood with a fine, uniform texture, finishes into a smooth and almost silky final surface.  Easy to machine, stain, and sand, Cherry wood demonstrates medium density and strength as well as flexibility and low stiffness.



Hard or Sugar Maple, a species native to the Northern United States, offers a light red to golden brown color and straight grain.   A heavy, fine textured wood, Maple couples durability with satisfactory woodworking properties.  Known for taking an excellent polish, Maple adds the warmth of soothing browns to any decor.


Red Oak

Red Oak grain

Found in the Eastern United States, Red Oak is an abundant hardwood offering reddish browns that may appear almost pink.  Mostly straight grained with a coarse texture, Red Oak slabs machine well and final products can be brought to a glowing, golden finish.   A hard and heavy wood, Red Oak is known for its durability and strength.



Sycamore wood slab

Found in the Eastern United States, Sycamore is characterized by light to dark brown tones, fine texture, and interlocking grain.  Frequently used in conjunction with other species, Sycamore can be employed to add complimentary contrast to more exotic woods.  The nature of its grain prevents splitting and the wood provides an excellent finish when stained with care.  Moderate in weight, density, and stiffness, Sycamore brings interest and woodworking flexibility to any project.

Available by the board foot at exceptional prices, Vantz Furniture native hardwood slabs await your next project.  Please call 603-759-2895 to learn more about our inventory or to set up a visit to our slab showroom.