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LIVE EDGE FURNITURE SUPPORTING ADDICTION RECOVERY Originally Published January 20, 2018 Remember the Shel Silverstein story “The Giving Tree?” It’s about a tree who loves a boy. Through the years, the tree gives the boy everything she has so that he can make a new life for himself and be happy. After years of striving, empty handed and old, the boy at last finds rest simply by being with

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Live Edge Furniture: Process and Appeal

Live Edge Not Mass Produced Live edge furniture captures our attention because each piece is unique. Raw edge furniture cannot be mass produced because the wood slabs used in its construction lack uniformity.  This is why you won't find catalogs of mass produced live-edge furniture.  Each piece requires handcrafting.  Similarity is the best outcome craftsmen in the genre can strive for, but why would they want

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Vantz Furniture Featured in FurnitureToday

FurnitureToday:  Riverbank House Moves Men from Living on the Edge to Hope Making live edge furniture Writing in FurnitureToday, Mary Burritt published the following piece on October 17, 2017 LACONIA, N.H. — The wood grain’s striations of amber, tan, sienna and gold swirl and writhe across the top and cascade like a waterfall down the table’s side. The bark edges remain as nature created them, rough and wrinkled.“Whatever

Office Furniture with Live Edge Makes a Statement

Your Office Makes a Statement with Live Edge Furniture The office desk makes a statement.  Desks and conference tables give clients and customers the impression that your personality and manner are large or dainty, or imposing, or ordered.  Work spaces can be solid and protective, offering a barrier between owner and client.  Offices can be open and airy, inviting collaboration or transparency. Live edge furniture

Decorating with Live Edge Furniture

Complement or Contrast Decorating with Live Edge A decor that uses natural materials becomes an extension of the outdoors.  The calm and peace of the natural world spills inside.  Natural materials, when used in decorating, help lend atmosphere and aura to a room.  Just as there are established relationships in nature, there are established relationships between the stone, wood, and glass used in decorating. Here

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A Timeless Decor Trend: Live Edge Furniture

We live in a world of mass produced plastic.  The live edge decor trend inspired by George Nakashima in the mid-20th century has a timeless appeal.  Live edge furniture helps connect us to the natural world.  Live edge decor helps us stay connected to the outdoors. Whether our decorating style is Pacific Northwest, Maine Cottage, Santa Fe Southwestern, Adirondack Cabin, or urban industrial, live edge

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Furniture Designer Nakashima Legacy of Live Edge

Nakashima Words about Live Edge Furniture Still Inspire Us Today George Nakashima, the grandfather of live edge furniture design, left behind many words that remind us there is a real philosophy behind each live edge furnishing.  Live edge furniture is not a fad.  It is the embodiment of a deep appreciation for nature and man's relationship with the natural world. The usual market for fine

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Live Edge Furniture History Inspired by Nakashima

Live Edge Designs by an American innovator. George Nakashima invented live edge furniture after World War II.   He turned nature's materials into art by showing off the natural curve and grain of wood.  Hence the term "live edge."  Most of all, his work was beautiful as well as groundbreaking.  As a result, most critics consider him to be the grandfather of live edge design. ''Work for

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Live Edge Furniture At Brimfield Antique Show

Brimfield is America's Oldest Outdoor Antique Show The 2017 Brimfield Antique Show is underway, and Vantz Live Edge Furniture has a booth of tables and benches.  The show is Andi's first experience with live sales. Andi, 25, has been in recovery from addiction since early 2016. "Talking with so many people is not as peaceful as actually crafting the wood," he says from Vantz's booth at the Brimfield

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Recovery Inspired Live Edge Furniture

A Project of Riverbank House Residential Addiction Recovery Community for Men At Vantz Live Edge Furniture the process of manufacturing is deeply personal.  So too is the process of recovery.  In this way, the art of woodworking is much like the transition away from addiction.  Careful planing of rough material reveals the unique inner beauty and worth of each wood slab.  This process takes great