Vantz Furniture is part of the Recovery Community devoted to helping people help themselves and each other recover from the slavery of Addiction. It has the philosophy that all people have the same worth and need to nourish the qualities and talents that make us all better people.

Vantz Furniture was founded on the principle that :

“The therapeutic value of One Addict helping another is without parallel”.

With that we would like to offer an opportunity to a few Addicts to participate in the Apprentice Program. The program consist of:

      1    Living in sober housing in the area of Franklin-Laconia NH.

      2   All rules and expectation for the sober house will be met.

      3   Attending 12 step meetings daily

      4  Participation working on Vantz Live Edge Furniture from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday. There will be 2 Mandatory recovery groups per day at Vantz Furniture, and Lunch will be provided.

      5   Non-refundable fee to the Apprentice Program.

We at Vantz Live Edge Furniture believe in giving back to the community. Vantz has change the lives of many addicts the past 4 years and we plan on continuing making a difference.

The road to recovery is an on going process. It is a journey not a destination. There are many paths and many opinions on how to be successful. The Apprentice Program mission is to help people onto a path of recovery and give them the simple tools needed to continue on it.

Every day people struggle with their addictions and a lot of treatments and programs focus on the problem. Here we believe in focusing on the solution. By using the proven methods of 12 step programs and a safe environment we believe we have a path that will work for anyone willing to turn their will over to it

                             Lets try and keep this simple.

Please see below for application

First Apprentice Project

First Apprentice Project



Apprentice Program Application

Application for the Apprentice Program